Unoffice Hours | In Brief 

Book a 20 minute minute open format call with a small time veteran in the realm of animation and games. Wanna talk about making stuff? Gotta question about the arts? Something else entirely? Sure!

why am I doing this?︎

I've been working primarily in solutide for the better part of 5 years, coming off of some intensely collaborative projects. The pandemic didn't help with my sometimes isolationist tendencies. I'm feeling the pull to get engaged with the people of this world again, in my own way.

In researching digital gardening, I came across [this post] and was inspired. I'm only overthinking it a little bit, but am ready to proof of concept the experience.

I have a lot of time and flexibility in how I run my life, and would like to make what I have to offer to people more accessible. This is an experiment in that direction.

I really like talking about art, story, creativity... both about the nitty gritty of the work itself, but also about the meta experience of living and working as an artist, developing a philosophy of an engaged artful life.

While the the arts may be my primary domain and the focus of this invitation, conversations need not be limited to this or any of the other suggested interests listed below. If you see something in my work or perspective of interest, or have a question, lets chat. I'm interested in connecting with all manner of folks across disciplines and varied interests.

This is also a step towards potentially developing this as a generative 'professional practice', ie developing paying clients and proteges'. *(see below : mentoring and consulting)* Though the unoffice hours is its own independent practice.

I'm also interested in finding potential collaborators. I'm interested in finding my people.

mentoring and consulting ︎

Looking for mentoring in the arts? Book an introductory chat and lets find out if there's a spark, no commitment or cost. If we jive and we discover productive possibilty, we can work out the details then.

What about something that isnt quite as loaded with expectation, something more short term, a specific project or particular problem. We can call that arts consulting.

Whatever it is, if theres a fit, we can develop the scope of the engagement and expectations should we commit to a more substantial relationship.

but what do you actually do? ︎

I've found it somewhat difficult to articulate what it is I do, what I have to offer, when it comes to describing how I work with projects.

On any given project, I have this 'sense' of what a thing wants to be. And it is of the utmost importance to honor that intuitive something, and facilitate its being brought into the world. I'm able to see the patters, the interconnections, and am often able to suss out the meaning thats latent in the material. I do not know how I do this, I just do. And the method is intuitive, and as far as I can tell, cant be systemized. Its a way of seeing. But it isnt entirely passive, it does take work. And I really enjoy doing it!

See INFJ 1 | 2

how about some credentials? ︎

There are a number of disciplines that I might have some experience driven perspective in. If somehow you've found yourself with this link without knowing anything about me, take a look at some of my work.

I was part of a multidisciplinary directing collective called Three Legged Legs. We made commercials and music videos in a variety of media. We also sold and developed a show with Nickelodeon. Animation? Visual Effects? Puppets? Lets talk! While my primary focus as you might imagine is the creative and making side of things, it was also a pleasure to build and lead teams of artists. We can talk about that too.

I was a core part of the small team that made Hyper Light Drifter. I contributed world building, story and narrative, as well as level design to the game.

I've taught at my Alma Mater OTIS College of Art and Design, where I helped students think through ideas and develop the means to communicate them effectively, both visually and verbally. I also developed mentor-like relationships of various kinds, both officially and officially during my time there.

I was a co-founding member of the indie dev space Glitch.City(LA), and in additon to a general interest in organizing people to develop alternative systems of being on a general level, I facilitated two interal communal progams there.

    • Show and Tell - a simply weekly sharing of what everyone worked on that week.

    • Project workshop - an open format roundtable where anyone could bring a question, and have it answered and workshopped by the group for 10 minutes.

Both of these formats showed the wonderful power of perspective. Sometimes just having an outside opinion on a thing can work wonders.

interests  ︎

narrative and storytelling / visual storytelling / animation / llustration
game design / level design
modular synthesis

generative and interactive art / experience design

depth psychology / archetypal psychology / the work of CG Jung / dream work

organizing people / utopia / socio reengineering
communication / redefining relationship / polyamory

and many more!

epilogue ︎

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