The world will heal at humanity's end, and there will be no place for the riders of the apocalypse.

Healing from the Rider’s Wrath


What comes after the destruction wrought from the apocalypse? One wonders about the terrible beauty of a despoiled world healing after our demise.

In the era of looming climate catastrophe, dialog often revolves around the destruction of the planet. The evidence of radical change is all around us; and from our perspective, nature is raging. Though is it not a hubris of human civilization to think that we could truly kill this world?

While we are agents of planetary change, the ‘destruction of the planet’ is likely to be only a species wide suicide. The end of the world as we know it will be a flourishing of life that once struggled to survive amid our dominant reign.

While the origins of the well known Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse come from the Christian tradition, they exist in pop consciousness simply as a symbol for the end of the world. In such a post human context, what place is there for personified allegorical figures?

The horses of doom will be released from their dreadful bondage, and return to a state of wild harmony with the abundance of life that will surely flourish amid the scattered and disintegrating remains of humanity.

Made for Light Grey Art Lab’s “The End is Nigh” Exhibition