More details about my engagement with the project can be found at the Oneiric Wanderer tumblr page, where over the course of the exhibit, I offered a dream ‘interpretation’ for each artist’s piece in the show. 

Killing the White Direwolf

Watercolor, Gouache, Ink

I - A man of power makes a disrespectful offering to the people of the wild. Some child or animal’s throat is cut,

II - …then tossed into the dirt, as if it were a grace to be given the thing. But clearly it is most like to die…

III - Two rabbits crest a dusty hill, standing tall with their long ears…

IV - Someone comes out to get the dirty dying thing… its quite sad. I feel the dishonor and cruelty done to the thing. This wild man takes it, the thing not worth what it was,

V - …and sniffs out a shelter… a crude wooden gate leading to a burrow in the low mound of ground… Hes onto something, but this could be a home of some dangerous animal. And sure enough, I spot the thing come lurking back, slinking slowly and quietly behind a low lump of hill. I call out, warning the man of the beast.

VI - Its a panther-like creature, some wolf, some alien in it. We turn and prepare to fight.

VII - It confronts the man, and I slip sideways, trying to surround it around the mound. But it senses the plan. A brutal melee erupts, quick as a flash we’re fighting,

VIII - I wield an axe, swinging it wildly, trying to keep my distance. Its dangerous, fierce,

IX - …but quickly enough we land blows, axe splitting its belly. Blood and guts spilling all out of the thing. Strike after strike, deep red soaking its fur.

X - And the creature slows and drops. Its all but over. The only thing to do now is end its misery and pain with a bit of mercy. I approach with caution, as the beast still lives. One swing of its huge paws would be the end of me.

XI - I dash in with a final swing, opening the throat of the magnificent beast. Its more violent than soothing, but it is done.

XII - And I drop to me knees at its huge head. I cradle the thing as it bleeds out, crying in desperate sadness into its pure white fur. I hold its huge paw and forearm hushing it, honoring it.

Made for Light Grey Art Lab’s “MIDNIGHT” Exhibition