The Shit King

Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Illumination
12” x 16”

An exploration of some of the various important motifs found in the artist’s very active dream life: Tsunami or Flood appears at times of incredible emotional upheaval -- Wolf in its many aspects; wild, ferocious, loyal, either stalking or protecting, an appeal to the instinct -- Meteor comes crashing down signalling ‘the sky is falling’ -- Shadow, all that the ego rejects and yet is a reflection of, comes personified when our own darkness threatens to overwhelm -- Wild Man, in his terrible grandeur, pierces with brown eyed gaze straight into the latent soul, an invitation to initiation... and of course -- Shit is abundant when we’re occupied with the worst things in life. It is through working this very shit that we might find our gold, our glory. 

Despite my reverence for these mythological archetypes alive within me, and despite how seriously I often take myself, dreams have helped me embrace my own absurdity and that of the human condition. I can claim with joy :

“In my slumber, I’m afraid to poop… In my waking, I am the Shit King.”

A piece made for Light Grey Art Lab’s  “To Be You” Exhibition